The Rocky Mountains provide seriously fun year round adventures. Many think of the Rocky Mountains as a wintertime destination, but the region provides amazing year round activities for any beginner whitewater rafter or seasoned vet alike.

In the warmer months in Colorado, the snow of the Rockies melt and give way to outdoor water adventures of a different type. Whitewater rafting is a fun and exciting outdoor activity that is easily accessible in the Rockies. The region offers amazing beginner whitewater rafting trips for all ages, groups and levels of experience.

The higher the class of rapid, the more difficult the stretch of river. Generally speaking rapids that are class I – III are considered beginner to intermediate. Below we examine Class I, Class II and Class III rapids. Class I & Class II rapids are frequently included in beginner whitewater rafting trips – while Class III rapids may also be included in portions.

Beginner Whitewater Rafting Content:

What are Class I Rapids?

Class I rapids are the calmest level of rapids. These smooth rapids are easy with light and involve minimal fast water and rapids. Clear passages are frequent in this class that involve gentle moving water, banks and some small turns.

What are Class II Rapids?

Class II sections involve average rapids that are moderate and offer regular waves. Rocks and maneuverability occur and small waves may be encountered. Class II rapids are novice – intermediate in difficulty but are safe for the whole family and provide the moving water that creates fun and memorable experiences!

What are Class III Rapids?

Class III rapids are intermediate in nature. These rapids provide a moderate level of difficulty that include moderate to larger waves and some eddies. Rafters must also navigate through rocks and other obstacles that are present in the water.


Enjoy the Adventure of Beginner Whitewater Rafting

Browns Canyon Rafting offers an ideal and picturesque setting for first time rafters and experienced rafting enthusiasts alike.

Our raft outfit has several rafting expeditions catered to beginner, intermediate and advanced rafters.

Beginner Rafting Trips in Colorado

Intermediate Rafting Trips in Colorado

Are Class 3 Rapids OK for Kids?

Class III Rapids offer a fun time for novice and experienced rafters alike. These rapids are fun for the whole family. Class III rapids provide a whitewater adrenaline rush that involves moderate waves, intermediate rapids and river obstacles that rafters can maneuver through and around.

What Whitewater Rafting Trip is Right For My Family?

Many beginner whitewater rafting trips include Class I – Class III rapids. Frequently a beginner rafting trip will include sections that include Class I, Class II and potentially Class III rapids. These introductory and family friendly trips are appropriate for those 4 and older. Intermediate rapids have a minimum age of 7 and older.

If you are unsure what rafting trip is appropriate for you or your rafting group, review the different types of trips offered and contact us if you have any questions.

Families that have children between the ages of 4 and 7 may find the family float as an ideal trip for your party.

Families with children that have younger children that are older than 7 are likely suitable for either a beginner or an intermediate trip. Many intermediate trips have sections that involve calmer water and rapids.