Advanced Colorado Rafting Trips

Advance Rafting

Browns Canyon Rafting offers a variety of Advanced whitewater rafting trips. Our advanced rafting trips range from int/adv to expert. Please look below to find the right trip for your group. If you need any help choosing the best advanced rafting trip for your group please call today, our helpful Colorado white water experts will guide you in the right direction.

One of our favorite sections for advanced rafting is the Numbers section on the Arkansas River. The Numbers offers some of the most continuous class IV whitewater on the Arkansas River and in Colorado. We offer Numbers Half Day, Numbers Full Day or Multi Day trips, these trips lean towards intermediate/advanced and participants should be ready to get wet and paddle hard! Appropriate for ages 15 and up looking for big thrills.

Want to step it up from the Numbers? Pine Creek is our most advanced rafting trip we offer. This class V section of the Arkansas River is for the thrill seeker in good physical condition. We offer the Pine Creek Full Day or Multi-Day option for this expert rafting trip. Ages 16 and up.

If you are looking to stay closer to Denver our Clear Creek Advanced rafting trips, out of Idaho Springs, are great options. We offer the Clear Creek Advanced Full Day or Clear Creek Advanced Half Day, these exciting continuous advanced trips are for the thrill seeker ages 16 and up.

Private rafts on any of our trips are available, please call for pricing or to reserve your private raft today!

Numbers Half Day, Arkansas River Rafting Trips

Numbers Half Day, Buena Vista Colorado Class IV

The Numbers section offers some of the greatest whitewater on the Arkansas River and in Colorado! Experience huge drenching waves, steep drops, and non-stop action as we guide you through eight Class IV+ rapids! Best suited for experienced rafters and paddlers over 15, this Buena Vista rafting trip is designed to give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Numbers Full Day, Buena Vista Colorado Class IV

Are you up for a challenge? The Numbers full day trip is 13 action packed miles of continuous class IV+ whitewater! Located in Buena Vista, this section of the Arkansas River is known for it’s steep drops and big thrills. This is a physically demanding trip is designed for experienced rafters or adventurous first timers.

Pine Creek Full Day | Colorado Class V

A trip so extreme we can only offer it to advanced paddlers age 16 and older. Paddle hard and challenge yourselves with heart-pounding Class V rapids. You’ll need to pay close attention to our expert guide during this Buena Vista rafting adventure.

Clear Creek Rafting Trips, Denver Rafting

Clear Creek Rafting – Advanced 1/3 Day

Experienced paddlers and thrill seekers, this one’s for you! Meet us at our Idaho Springs location only 30 minutes from Denver for a wild ride. Be prepared to paddle hard through the continuous, and challenging class IV-V whitewater on this Denver Rafting trip. Let our expert guides show you some of Colorado’s best whitewater.

Clear Creek Advanced Full Day

Check out all that Clear Creek has to offer! This is our best selling Clear Creek trip and is suggested for thrill seekers and experienced rafters. Be prepared to paddle through continuous class IV-Vwhitewater! Includes our favorite BBQ lunch. Just 30 minutes from Denver!

Rafting Arkansas River, Colorado Rafting

Team Extreme Half Day

Looking to step up your rafting game? There’s room for up to 3 plus a guide on our Team Extreme rafts. Our 10 ft long mini rafts make every trip a little more exciting. Offered from our Buena Vista location only. Choose between Browns Canyon or the Numbers on this extreme adventure! JOIN TEAM EXTREME!!

Team Extreme Full Day

Looking to step up your rafting game? There’s room for up to 3 plus a guide on our Team Extreme rafts. Our 10 ft long mini rafts make every trip a little more exciting. Offered from our Buena Vista location only. Choose between Browns Canyon or the Numbers on this extreme adventure! JOIN TEAM EXTREME!!

Half Day Inflatable Kayaking

Inflatable kayak trips are a fun, exciting and memorable experience. Perfect for individuals, families and groups of all ability levels. You will be master of your own craft. Our experienced and certified guides will accompany and instruct you down the river in a personal setting. We offer beginner to advanced inflatable kayaking trips tailored to your groups ability level.

Full Day Inflatable Kayaking

Try something new, kayak the Arkansas River. Great for all ages & ability levels! We customize each trip to your groups ability level. Your guide will show you the ropes of this fun and exciting sport!

Arkansas River Rafting Trips, Rafting Arkansas River

Numbers & Browns Canyon 2-Day Overnight Trip

This trip is great for thrill seekers ages 15 and up! Join us in Buena Vista for a multi day rafting trip on the Arkansas River. Enjoy 2 full days and 1 night of advanced whitewater rafting, hiking and relaxation in the Colorado wilderness with this all inclusive rafting trip. Spend time with family and friends, and challenge yourself with class IV+ whitewater!

Numbers & Browns Canyon 3-Day Overnight Trip

We recommend this trip for those over 15 seeking the thrills of Class IV+ whitewater rafting! Come to Buena Vista and challenge yourself with 3 days and 2 nights of whitewater rafting, inflatable kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, and don’t forget relaxing in the Colorado wilderness. Our professional guides handle all the hard work while you spend your rafting vacation with family and friends.

Pine Creek 2-Day Overnight Trip

If you are looking for a great way to spend time with family and friends then this trip is for you! Enjoy whitewater rafting, hiking and relaxing in the outdoors while your guides prepare all your delicious meals. Truly the best way to experience Colorado’s whitewater rafting! Email us with your groups size and dates for more information.

Pine Creek 3-Day Overnight Trip

Our longest and most extreme whitewater rafting trip offered in Buena Vista. Perfect for the thrill seeker looking to spend extra time on the river with friends and family. Pine Creek, class V, is an exhilarating run not for the faint of heart! We recommend this trip for ages 16 and up, and require good physical condition.