The Spring and Summer months are generally considered the best time to raft in Colorado. The hotter seasons in Colorado offer enjoyable nature and provide perfect conditions for whitewater rafting.

Spring Through End Of Summer

The hottest months of the year offer the ideal conditions for whitewater rafting in Colorado. In much of the Continental United States, May – Late August are the ideal times of year where the snowpack from the mountains melt and flow to the nearby streams, rivers and waterways.

Can I Ski, Snowboard & Raft in the Same Month in Colorado?

In Colorado things that are impossible in other countries and states are totally doable. Visitors and residents of the Rocky Mountain State have the ability and opportunity to enjoy the slopes of World class mountains and whitewater raft. This can be done in the same day for adventurous individuals!

Rip through a canyon on your snowboard or skis and an amazing whitewater rafting experience is only sixty miles away from one another. The optimal time to ski, snowboard and raft in the same month is in late April through early to mid May!


Ski & Raft in Late April & Early May in Colorado!

Early May in Colorado is a transitory part of the year. A few weeks out of the year offer a special overlap of the winter and summer seasons where water and snow activities are available within a ninety minute drive of one another.

Locals and tourists in the Rocky Mountains alike can enjoy the adrenaline rush and outdoor activities of both awesome outdoor activities.

The few weeks at the end of April and early May can offer a taste of seasonal opposites. Many winter resorts are still in operation from the winter season, while rafting outfits are in the early part of the rafting season. Enjoy the picturesque Rocky Mountains with a trip to the Continental Divide during late April – Early May.

When are Rivers the Highest for Whitewater Rafting?

Cubic feet per second is the unit of measurement allotted for measuring the water level in rivers. The biggest whitewater rapids in the Rockies tend to occur in late June through August.

If the previous winter provides more precipitation than average, the rapids the following Summer tend to be larger in nature. Conversely, if the winter provides a less than average amount of snowfall, the whitewater tends to be slightly smaller when compared to an average winter.

How Does Snowfall Impact Rafting Season?

Generally speaking, the more snowfall in the winter and spring, the larger the flow of the river. After a heavy snow year, the rapids can peak and the rapids are larger relative to a sub-par snowfall year.

Traveling Through The Rockies

The Rockies are the largest mountain range in the Continental United States and should be treated with respect and approached with caution and preparation. Ensure that you are in an AWD, 4WD or a 4×4 vehicle and/or are carrying chains in your vehicle. Weather and road conditions can change quickly and snow can fall at high altitudes even in the Summer months.

While the summer seasons tend to be sunny and can get very hot and humid in nature, precipitation in the form of snow can fall at higher elevations. Err on the side of caution and ride in a car built for the mountains or carry chains. While snow in the summer Months is rare it can occur. It’s best to enjoy the scenic drive in a safe manner.