Compare Browns Canyon Rafting Trips Below

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or if you need help picking what is best for your group, we are here to help!

Trip Miles Trip Time Rapid Class Meals Min Age Best for Families Price
Browns Canyon Half Day 10 9am & 1:30pm III – III+ No 7 Yes $94
Browns Canyon Full Day 16 9am III – IV Yes 7 Yes $150
Numbers Half Day 6 10am & 12:45pm IV – IV+ No 15 Adventurous $105
Numbers Full Day 13 10am IV – IV+ Yes 15 Adventurous $165
Pine Creek Half Day 6 9am V No 16 No $125
Pine Creek Full Day 11 9am V Yes 16 No $199
Browns Canyon 2 Day 28 10am III – IV Yes 7 Yes $489
Numbers 2 Day 31 10am IV – IV+ Yes 15 Adventurous $539
Pine Creek 2 Day 36 10am V Yes 16 No $559
Inflatable Kayak Half Day 10 9am & 1:30pm Varies No 10 Adventurous $125

Colorado Whitewater Rafting Classifications

Below you will find Colorado whitewater rafting information on whitewater classifications, these will aid you in choosing a white water rafting trip that is appropriate for your group dynamic. Please look at our Whitewater Class Chart below or call us at 719 275-2890 with any questions. Our friendly and helpful staff can assist you in choosing a trip that is best suited for your group.

Class I (Easy)

Small waves, clear passages and no serious obstacles.

Class II (Easy)

Small waves, easily maneuverable rapids with small to no obstacles.

Class III (Beginner)

Big navigable waves that are exciting but not difficult to run, with swift currents and easy to miss obstacles. Fun for everyone from first-timers to veterans.

Class IV (Intermediate)

Long rapids, big drops, numerous obstacles. Powerful and precise maneuvering required. Excellent for experienced rafters and adventurous first timers.

Class V (Advanced)

Maximum intensity whitewater rapids. Extremely long and complicated rapids with very steep gradients, requiring strong and precise paddling and expert maneuvering. Good physical condition is essential. Previous paddle rafting experience strongly recommended.

Which Trip is Right for Me?

We have Colorado white water rafting trips designed for everyone ages 4yrs & up. This includes all ability levels, the question is how active do you want to be? Our most popular trips are Browns Canyon and The Numbers.

Browns Canyon is a great trip for first time and experienced rafters alike. This is a fun splashy trip that is scenic and non-stressful with many fun rapids.

The Numbers is a challenging and exciting trip where everyone needs to paddle, it has big drops, technical moves, and continuous whitewater.

We offer either oar or paddle rafts for our Browns Canyon or Family Float trips. All other trips are paddle rafts only. In an oar raft your guide does all the work by maneuvering with two large oars. In our paddle rafts you will help maneuver the raft by listening to your guide and paddling when asked to. If you would like an oar raft and sit back and relax please request it during booking otherwise all rafts will be paddle rafts.

We offer a wide variety of whitewater rafting trips, check these out here.

Arkansas River White Water Rafting Trips – Colorado White Water Rafting.

Our flagship whitewater rafting outpost is located about 2 hours west of Denver and 1hr 15min west of Summit County, in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains on the Arkansas River.

Browns Canyon Rafting
28395 County Road 317
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Experience Rafting Colorado on the Arkansas River, Colorado’s best white water rafting experience! People have traveled from all over the world to experience the amazing whitewater rafting and majestic views Colorado’s Arkansas River has to offer. Try a mild float trip for your first rafting Colorado experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy, as your guide takes you gently down the Arkansas River. If your looking for the next step up on your rafting Colorado adventure, grab a paddle and raft your way down the Arkansas River through the world famous Browns Canyon wilderness. Want even more Whitewater excitement? Then join us on The Numbers or Pine Creek, where you will be rafting Colorado through heart pounding class IV-V whitewater rapids!

You can enjoy rafting the majestic Arkansas River from the headwaters near historic Leadville, down through the Sawatch, Collegiate and Sangre De Cristo Mountain Ranges all the way into Canon City. The Sawatch mountain range has the highest concentration of 14,000 in the state offering majestic mountain views.
Visitors rafting Colorado also enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, Inflatable Whitewater Kayaking and many more adventures. The area is truly an outdoor playground for anyone looking for adventure. Come and play along the river shores, towering mountain peaks, deep canyons, and broad valleys found within the upper Arkansas River valley.

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