Colorado Rafting Trip Comparisons

Below you will find Colorado rafting information on whitewater classifications, these will aid you in choosing a white water rafting trip that is appropriate for your group dynamic. Please look at our Whitewater Class Chart below, call us at 719 275-2890 with any questions, or contact us here! Our friendly and helpful staff can assist you in choosing a Colorado rafting trip that is best suited for your group.

Trip TypeMilesTrip TimeRapids RatingMealsMin. AgeBest for FamiliesAdult PriceChild Price
Browns Canyon Half Day10
9:00am & 1:30pmIII to III+No7Yes!$71$65
Browns Canyon Full Day169:00amIII to IVYes7Yes!$115$109
Numbers Half Day610:00amIV to IV+No15No$84NA
Numbers Full Day1310:00amIV to IV+Yes15No$119NA
Family Float Half Day79:00am & 1:30pmIINo4Yes!$71$65
Pine Creek Full Day118:30amVYes16No$136NA
Clear Creek Beginner 1/3 Day68am, 11am, 2pm, & 5pmII to IIINo6Yes!$50$45
Clear Creek Intermediate Half Day68am, 11am, 2pm, & 5pmIII to IVNo14Yes!$60NA
Clear Creek Advanced Half Day68am, 11am, 2pm, & 5pmNo16No$75NA
Clear Creek Advanced Full Day1811:00amYes16No$130NA
Browns Canyon 2 Day2810:00amIII to IVYes7Yes!$369$319
Browns Canyon 3 Day3710:00amIII to IVYes
Numbers 2 Day3110:00amIV to IV+Yes15No$409NA
Numbers 3 Day4510:00amIV to IV+Yes15No$579NA
Pine Creek 2 Day368:30amVYes16No$425NA
Pine Creek 3 Day468:30amVYes16No$589NA
Class IEasy - fast moving water with riffles, small waves and few obstructions
Class IINovice - straight forward rapids with wide, clear channels
Class IIIBeg/Int - rapids with moderate, irregular waves, strong eddies, powerful currents, rocks and other obstacles
Class IVInt/Adv - intense, powerful but predictable rapids, large unavoidable waves and large rocks to maneuver around
Class VExpert - extremely difficult, long, and very violent rapids; difficult rescues
Class VIExtreme - unpredictability and danger; unrunnable; think Niagra Falls

Which Trip is Right for Me?

We have Colorado Rafting trips designed for everyone ages 4yrs & up. This includes all ability levels, the question is how active do you want to be? Our most popular trips are Browns Canyon and The Numbers.

Browns Canyon is a great trip for first time and experienced rafters alike. This is a fun splashy trip that is scenic and non-stressful with many fun rapids.

The Numbers is a challenging and exciting trip where everyone needs to paddle, it has big drops, technical moves, and continuous whitewater.

We offer either oar or paddle rafts for our Browns Canyon or Family Float trips. All other trips are paddle rafts only. In an oar raft your guide does all the work by maneuvering with two large oars. In our paddle rafts you will help maneuver the raft by listening to your guide and paddling when asked to. If you would like an oar raft and sit back and relax please request it during booking otherwise all rafts will be paddle rafts.

If you need any help choosing a trip or have any questions please call us at 719 275-2890, or contact us here! Our friendly and helpful staff can assist you in choosing a Colorado rafting trip that is best suited for your group.

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