Every year around Labor Day, Buena Vista river rafting comes to a close.  This year was a great season with exceptional water, guests, friends, and family.  Just because Colorado’s rafting season has come to a close doesn’t mean rafting is done for the year.  At the end of our season comes the great migration of raft guides to the east to paddle on the Gauley River in West Virginia.  Many Browns Canyon Rafting employees find themselves heading east joining other guides from around the country and world to partake in a six week dam released season on the Gauley River.  Some go to work, others go to play, everyone goes for the river.  This is a time to see old friends, make new ones, and enjoy life.
Gauley season is comprised of six weekends starting the week after Labor Day.  It is a large volume fun class V river with many features to play on and surf.  There is the upper (my favorite) and the lower; both a great time.  During mid week there is still fun to be had with rafting on the New River or heading to Maryland to raft on the Youghiogheny (or Yak).
This past Gauley season was no exception.  Great people and great times.  It has been about two weeks since the final release on the Gauley River for this season and I can’t wait until next year.  I am back in Colorado awaiting the rapidly approaching ski season; dreaming of powder and whitewater.
See you on the water this Spring!

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