Liability Waivers

All participants must read and fill out an assumption of risk and liability waiver. Minors must have a waiver completed by their legal guardian. Please use the digital waiver link that was included in your confirmation email.

Or search for your reservation using a smartphone camera or by clicking the QR code below.

Browns Canyon Rafting liability waiver QR Code

Below is a PDF version for reference and if you want to print and physically bring, but we recommend the digital waiver.
Waiver-Assumption of Risk– Rafting and Kayaking waiver. Please read, understand and fill out completely.


General and Medical Liability:
When choosing a rafting trip please be true to your groups ability level. If you have any questions or anyone in your group has questions feel free to call Browns Canyon Rafting (BCR) at (719) 275-2890. When participating in rafting trips or other activities you participate at your own risk and we ask you to pick an activity within your groups ability level.
Any one with medical conditions, physical limitations, is seriously overweight, pregnant or presumed to be pregnant should consult a physician prior to participating in any Browns Canyon Rafting activities.
All participants are required to read, understand, fill out and sign a release and indemnity agreement and acknowledgement and assumption of risk form. Anyone under 18 must have a release and indemnity agreement and acknowledgement and assumption of risk form signed by their legal guardian.
Please bring any medications that you or anyone in your group might need. I.E. epi pen for allergic reactions, insulin for diabetic participants, ect.
Minimum age, weight, and ability levels:
Browns Canyon Rafting reserves the right to change minimum age, weight, ability requirements, and river section requirements based on weather, water levels, rapid classifications and individual’s qualifications. Safety is our top priority. Final decision if an individual is qualified to participate is up to Browns Canyon Rafting and its employees.
Cancelation Policy:
For ½ or full day trips a full refund minus a $10 administration fee per guest is available up to 7 days prior of scheduled trip. Between 7 days and 48 hours prior to your trip, a trip credit minus $10 per guest is available to put towards another rafting or kayaking trip for a later date. Within 48 hours, no shows and late arrivals there are no refunds or trip credits and any remaining balance will be collected.
For overnight trips a full refund minus a $40 administration fee per guest is available up to 10 days prior to scheduled trips. Within 10 days there is no refund or trip credit.
All of our partner activities have different cancellation policies, please call for details.
Browns Canyon Rafting reserves the right to cancel any trip for any reason. It is VERY unlikely this would occur; however if we should cancel your trip we will refund you the full amount paid or credit it towards another trip according to your wishes.
Browns Canyon Rafting reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that we perceive to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol without refund.

Essential Eligibility Criteria

Here are some essential eligibility criteria that all participants should meet.
It is your responsibility to ensure the following:

  • Participants have a duty to act as would a reasonably prudent person when engaging in recreational activities.
  • You are responsible for your own safety at all times while on your trip and you must come prepared for dealing with any physical problems you may have.
  • Each participant must understand that whitewater rafting includes inherent risks that cannot be avoided.
  • Participants must reach the River Access Point independently or with the assistance of a companion.
  • Wear all protective equipment recommended/required by industry standards and fit into a Browns Canyon Rafting PFD (life jacket).
  • Enter and exit the raft or kayak (duckie) independently or with the assistance of a companion.
  • Remain seated and balanced in a floating raft or kayak (duckie) with the use of adaptive equipment, if necessary. Adaptive equipment cannot impede nor lessen the effectiveness of the safety procedures or equipment. No one may be strapped or belted into a watercraft.
  • Perform all water activities including following: paddle commands, independently in Class III or higher rapids, where oar and oar/paddle rafts are not offered.
  • Perform all water activities, following instruction, independently or with the assistance of a companion.
  • Be comfortable in the water including floating on back independently with the aid of a PFD (life vest), turning from face down to face up independently with the aid of a PFD and holding their breath while under water.
  • Get out from under a capsized raft or kayak (duckie), in moving water.
  • Identify, make progress to and ascend the shoreline, in moving water.
  • Move about the campsite independently or with the assistance of a companion, on trips that include overnight camping.

No Participant May:

  • Board upon or embark upon any commercial whitewater expedition when intoxicated or under the influence of non-intoxicating beer, intoxicating beverages or controlled substances; or
  • Fail to advise the trip leader or the trip guide of any known health problems or medical disability and any prescribed medication that may be used in treatment of such health problems during the course of the commercial whitewater expedition; or
  • Engage in harmful conduct or willfully or negligently engage in any type of conduct which contributes to or causes injury to any person or personal property; or
  • Perform any act which interferes with the safe running and operation of the expedition, including failure to use safety equipment provided by the commercial whitewater outfitter or failure to follow the instructions of the trip guide or trip leader in regard to the safety measures and conduct requested of the participants; or
  • Fail to inform or notify the trip guide or trip leader of any incident or accident involving personal injury or illness experienced during the course of any commercial whitewater expedition. If such injury or illness occurs, the participant shall leave personal identification, including name and address, with the commercial whitewater outfitter’s agent or employee.