Colorado High Water Rafting Fun

Colorado High Water Rafting Fun

The water has been coming up on Colorado’s Arkansas River, and the energy emanating from whitewater enthusiasts in the valley is palpable.

With over 20 commercial rafting companies that run the Pine Creek, Numbers, and Brown’s Canyon sections of whitewater out of Buena Vista Colorado on the Arkansas River, the community is veritably shaking with excitement. Although both low and high water rafting offer different joys and challenges, there’s something about huge hydraulics and surging waves that make whitewater guides whoop with glee.

At high water, it’s essential that everyone in the boat paddle together and paddle hard! Without enough momentum to power through hydraulics and large waves, the raft may very well stall out or flip. In that case, everyone in the boat gets to go to the pool party! Since the water is moving fast and there aren’t as many areas of calm water, you may be swimming for a while if you don’t help yourself. A self rescue is the best rescue. Don’t be embarrassed these rapids have all been swam before and will be swam again.

Another obstacle that high water brings is the risk of strainers. This is a big pile of logs and sticks that have built up on shore or on an island. If you’re in the water swimming toward a strainer, it is imperative that you swim aggressively away.

If you raft at high water in Colorado, or anywhere, be prepared for plenty of adrenaline, splashes and a workout. But if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed or you want to take some kids on board, we have options for every paddler. From huge hits and splashes on Browns Canyon to gentle wave trains and beautiful scenery on the Family Float be sure to pick the right trip for you and your group.

In the coming weeks waters will subsiding so get it now if you want it or visit us with the whole family on Browns Canyon once the level drops!

Happy Boating!


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